Hi! I am Boris. I am a certified Life coach. My educational background is in Economics and Marketing and I have also an Acting Certificate.

Who do you think is a good life coach? Someone who understands life? No one really does.. even God! But I am trying to learn it every day.

* I communicate with people from a different background and social status with different beliefs and model of behaviour ⇒ introvert, extrovert, poor, rich, Asian, black, right-wing, gay, straight, IT specialists, finance & investment analysts, musicians & artists, Muslims & Christians.

* I can offer real empathy. During our sessions, I will try to get into your shoes and look at the problems through your eyes and feel the way you do.

* I am friendly and a good listener. I won’t flatter or criticise you. I will politely share my honest, objective view and give you the needed support.

* I travelled a lot. Almost across whole Europe, Asia and the US.

* I worked in 5 industries: HR, Travel, Finance, Hospitality, Entertainment.

* I’m very active and I practice Boxing, Kick-boxing, Football, Tennis on court and Skiing.

* I read a lot but I write as well. I’ve written a feature movie script!