Life Coaching By Me

I tend to believe that we all have an inner voice. But the majority of the people on this planet fail to listen to it. Actually, if they did all life coaches and most of the psychotherapists, etc. would be unemployed. 😊 Funny! Isn’t it? But it is true!

My work as a life coach is to help you hear your inner voice. Super simple and yet you are reading this as you failed to do so and came here for some guidance. And here is my advice> you are the best therapist to yourself! Yes, you are! You got the cure inside you. I am not an adviser or a counsellor. I am just the guide, the teacher, the coach which will take your heart out and teach you to listen to it.

My primary approach is spiritual. I believe that we all got life obstacles which we need to overcome for a reason. If we don’t, they appear again and again until we manage to work them out. That’s a task from the universe or ‘A life lesson’ as we like to call it!

Life coaching is not just a shiny certificate. Yes passing a Coaching course helps to learn more about the topic but if you don’t have the nurturing abilities inside you and love for people and making them live healthier life everything else is pointless. Through my whole life, I have been guiding people in need. Such as people with a different background, social status, set of beliefs, etc. That was my real Life Coaching School.

They say that there are a few differences between Life Coaching and Therapy. Some say that LC focuses on the present and future of the client and T looks at his past. Also, they say LC looks at what’s possible rather than T which focuses on the problem itself. The significant difference I see is that the LC works only with mentally stable clients who are in a good health condition. T deals with people with mental disorders, people facing panic attacks and severe depression.

In my case, I do focus on the problem. I do look in the past. I just do not work with people with mental disorders or people in depression. In countries such as the US ‘Life coaching,’ people with disorders is prosecuted by law. And so it should be everywhere! I do believe that all people with deep problems which require mental medical treatment should be treated only be qualified psychotherapists and psychiatrists.

I am not a high-quality Shampoo or Washing powder which offers 100% guaranteed result. Neither the doctor or the psychotherapist could promise that. But I do give my word that in every single session I’m giving my best!

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