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Recently, someone shared a video on Facebook featuring a scene from the film Trainspotting 2 when one of the leading actors – Ewan McGregor was talking to another actress in the movie and explaining her the meaning of the ‘Choose life’ motto.

The ‘Choose life’ motto is a monologue speech of Ewan McGregor’s character Renton depicted in the two episodes of Trainspotting. He was explaining the heroin addicts choice which is the ‘liberating’ life of the heroine over the choice of living as a slave in the modern consumer society. Good choice chaps! It takes you out you from the reality!

But on the serious note, what they are talking about as well is that you can literarily choose everything. You can, “Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose history repeating itself. Choose a f*cking big television, choose rape jokes, sl*t shaming. Choose your future. Choose life!..”

So, guys choose your life. I mean, let’s face it- life is unfair! We all have different start mainly, because of our family status. Some people are born rich, and they just need to follow what their parents say so that they could inherit all the sh*t loads of family money. Some people need to start from the bottom of the chain, to get where they want to be. So, in a certain way some people have an advantage, but for many things, we are equal at the end of the day. Especially, if talk about our intellectual and physical capabilities (again as every rule with some exceptions!).

I mean, for example, if you are a gifted footballer and your dad is David Beckham- yeah, it’s probably a lot easier to find your way into the top-class football, considering that everyone knows who your dad is. But even if your dad is David Beckham, and you are an average footballer you will end up playing at an average level as well.

And on the other hand, if you are a gifted young kid with а excellent football talent you just need to choose to become a professional footballer and to chase that dream!

If you think, “Ohh…I so much want to be a doctor, an architect, an actor..” Well, do it! I know it is expensive, but there are different ways to get there. You would have to work and study hard, you might need to borrow money, but if you want precisely that career and you feel that you have the talent to do the job- go for it! Set your goals and start chasing them.

It’s a cliché I know. But it’s true! I haven’t heard of a man who was well up for something and didn’t achieve it. I mean with slight exceptions of course. I believe that some things are ‘your thing’. But some things could come into your life, such as a new job, a new partner, a new town, and they are so not for you that never mind how hard you try to achieve something there, the universe will always bounce you back. Do you know why? Because, these things are not good for you, but they happened for a reason! They came into your life as a life lesson! But hey hey hey! That’s an entirely new topic so that we won’t go there now!

What I am trying to say is that if you firmly believe something is your thing and it is your thing (meant to be by the universe), well, my dear reader you will get it! You will f*cking get it. No, no, don’t shake your head in disbelief- you will get it!

If you think that now is the time for a career change, then go for it! It’s not late, never mind how old you are. If you think that you need to get a divorce and find a new partner, “Just do it!” as the Nike slogan says! If you are bored of the place where you live, just move somewhere else! It’s hard I know. But it’s not impossible.

I will bring another cliché from the book & film The Wolf of Wall Street, “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bulls*it story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it…” Abso-fu**king-lutely true mate!

You will ask yourself, “But how could I know it’s my thing?” Ohh c’mon, you know it from inside. You know, everything from the beginning, it’s a pure gut feeling. I will give you an example with my ex-girlfriend. For our one year relationship broke up probably 4-5 times! The thing was that we were bouncing off each other all the time. And I wondered why, but I knew the answer from the beginning. We are just not compatible! We are just entirely different people, or maybe even similar in a specific, negative sense, but I knew it right from the start- she is not the one!

I hope that you know what I am on about while reading this post. We all have that guardian angel that whispers in our year and help us to shape our thoughts about our dream job, dream partner, or place to live, etc. If it’s something realistic, keep pushing and chasing it even if it seems hard to achieve your goal. Choose your thing in this world and go and get it! And remember: God responds only to meaningful prayers.

p.s. Trainspotting is a fiction. You don’t need to take heroin to get the liberating feeling! Just relax, calm down, take a breath and think about it. The answer is there, just bring it to the surface and choose life!


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